There is a spot on West Coast Road, after you drive out of Sooke and pass the sign that reminds you to check your gas tank because the next gas station is 80km away.  There is no cell phone service and the trees open up and you can catch this view of the Pacific. This specific spot is where I take a sigh of contentment, relief, joy, this first rugged view represents summer for me.  It reminds me of family time, campfires, birthday party feasts of freshly caught salmon and beaches, swimming and hiking adventures. Summer is about this place for me, and the ceramics that are thrown during this season are infused with the color and joy that Westcoast road represents.   The West Coast Road collection also inspires common summer feelings of Canadians across the country, the smell of lake water, the feel of green grass and lawn flowers.  It is created to inspire joy and relaxation  through color and shape.


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