We had 14 for dinner a couple weeks ago, plus our family there was 19 total.  I love cooking big meals and the absolute  pandemonium of dinner prep for that many people.

I realized as I set our 13 foot old growth fir dining room table that there is also an element of chaos to the table scape as the numbers get big for dinner. Dinner for 8 to 10 people and I can pull off a pretty streamlined table.  When there is 20 or more I end up pulling in the ceramic one offs, the slightly wonky and well loved plates we use everyday.   The table scape reflects our world, we pull people in, we share meals with family and friends and visitors.  

As the holidays approach and I am throwing clay, and thinking about baking and cooking family meals I am thankful to have lots of people to open my heart and my house to.  And I realize I like to share meals and my mismatched ceramics.  

So as you are thinking about eating, sharing food or entertaining, find one ceramic piece you love, gift one piece as a host gift and collect a set that speaks to your heart.  Or if you are fortunate and have a whole set, take it out of the cupboard and use it often.


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