Family Dinner

We had 14 for dinner a couple weeks ago, plus our family there was 19 total.  I love cooking big meals and the absolute  pandemonium of dinner prep for that many people. I realized as I set our 13 foot old growth fir dining room table that there is also an element of...

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West Coast Road Collection

The ceramics that are thrown during this summer season are infused with the color and joy that Westcoast road represents.   The Westcoast Road collection also inspires common summer feelings of Canadians across the country, the smell of lake water, the feel of green grass and lawn flowers.  It is created to inspire joy and relaxation  through color and shape.

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Clay everyday

I am a mother, a wife, I have a garden and bake. I have dogs, a cat and chickens. I share my studio space with my husband who wood works, the snowboards, skate boards and the basketball hoop is precariously close to my wheel.  Clay is a part of my everyday life as...

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